Atzaró 20th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you to all those who attended the Atzaró 20th Anniversary Celebration.

The deadline for requesting a refund of the money left over on your wristband will be up to April 25.

Refunds can only be requested for the money recharged during the event, not for the credit included with the purchase of the wristband.

Music, Entertainment, Activities

Throughout the day

More than 30 artisanal stalls with fashion, accessories, and crafts

Restaurant Buffet lunch from 13:00 to 19:00, including salads, meat and fish dishes, and desserts – 60€ pp
Magic with Jiroh

Throughout the day, including Barbeque, Vegetarian and Vegan, Rice and Curries, Desserts, and Paellas by Atzaró Beach

Café Caleta workshop with Fluixà
Watercolour painting workshop with Mónica Matheu

Holikids provide a space for creativity and play with dance, crafts, theatre, storytelling, and many surprises, from 13:00 to 18:00

Performances by Ibiza Arte Aéreo
Performance by Baile Pagés – Colla de l`Horta de Jesús

The music acts and DJs will entertain

What’s Included ?

The Entrance Ticket is a rechargeable bracelet

The adult ticket price is 70€ / 80€ per person, and 60€ credit is included to buy food and drink at the event

For teenagers aged between 15 and 17, the ticket price is 40€ / 50€ per person and a credit of 30€ is included to buy food and drink at the event

Where can i buy the entrance tickets ?

The entrance bracelet tickets are available to buy in person at Atzaró Agroturismo Hotel or to reserve here online

How do i buy more food and drink at the event ?

The entrance ticket bracelets are rechargeable and can be topped up at the many points around the estate with card or cash. All direct payments for food and drink at the event are only possible with the topped-up bracelet

Atzaró Fundraising

10€ from every ticket sold will go to Atzaró Fundraising, the group’s charitable fund, to help support social and environmental projects.

Atzaró Fundraising was created by the Group in 2016 as a non-profit charitable fund to support those in need. It has reached agreements with different local NGOs through funds are donated, to bring a better quality of life and environment.